About Cate Fogarty

Cate is a bold filmmaker who believes humor is the key to surviving the darker aspects of life. As a survivor of suicidal depression, she’s passionate about telling messy, female-driven stories that invite laughter through the pain. She has a lot of life from which to draw, including an adolescence spent sailing the Caribbean, living in Norway as an adult, and a successful 16-year career as a massage therapist.

Throughout her life, Cate has honed a trifecta of skills, which have seamlessly translated into her directing style: deep empathy, versatile communication, and a keen ability for physical, psychological, and emotional human assessment. A thoughtful leader and an enthusiastic collaborator, Cate uses her vast professional and personal experience to tackle the creative challenges of filmmaking. Her first feature script, Earth Exhales A Little, finished in the top 10% of The Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting for 2021, and her upcoming short film, SLUT, which aims to destigmatize STIs, will be completed in early 2022.

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