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About Cate Fogarty

Cate Fogarty is a bold filmmaker who firmly believes that what doesn’t kill you makes you laugh, eventually.

A writer, director, and passionate storyteller dedicated to bringing darkly comedic, female-centered stories to life, she believes that comedy has the power to heal; it creates catharsis while challenging the status quo and offering a fresh perspective on the world. Cate believes humor is the key to survival and she’s devoted to telling messy, female-driven stories that balance the darkness with light.

Born in Minnesota, she spent a chunk of her adolescence living on a sailboat in the Caribbean which fostered a deep love of travel and admiration for different cultures. After studying creative writing in college, Cate fell in love with filmmaking while living in Norway and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. Her talent and dedication were quickly recognized, and she soon earned a spot as the lead fellow in BlackMagic Collective’s First Frame Initiative.

Cate's ability to bring out the best in her actors and create a fun and collaborative environment on set has earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues. Her keen eye for detail and strong storytelling skills have resulted in films that are not only hilarious but also challenge society’s perception of women while being deeply relatable. Cate's first short film Slut, will have its world premiere at the 7th L.A. Women in Film Festival in 2023. 

Despite her success, Cate remains humble and committed to improving her craft. She is constantly seeking out new challenges and pushing herself creatively. Her love for comedy and passion for storytelling make her one of the most exciting directors working in the industry today.

In addition to her narrative work, Cate directed the whimsical music video for Solitary Friends’ pandemic inspired single “Breathe Deep” with nothing more than an iPhone.

Cate has several projects in development, including a new project written by comedian Diana Dinerman, and a personal documentary about her family's experience living on a sailboat. Cate's latest short film, BABY HUSBAND, will be released in Spring 2023.

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